arena information

Arena Floor Plan

Arena Seating Chart

Facility Site Plan

Arena Dimensions

Stage: 100’W x 49’-4”D +7’-5”D X 14’-5” (Thrust)

• Arena Floor: 234’ -6”W x 130’ -5”
(91’ from Thrust edge to Technical Booth)

• Main concourse: 160,200 Sq./Ft. [234’-6”W X 130’ -5”D]

• Upper concourse: 99,300 Sq./Ft.

• Ticket office: 3,000 Sq./Ft.

Arena site: A total property of 23 acres

Main Concourse: Terrazzo Floor

Loading Dock

Loading Dock 1 [Stage Level Overhead Door]

Loading Dock 2 [Ground Level Overhead Door w/Media Power]

Loading Dock 3 [Ground Level Overhead Door w/Dock Plate]


2,000 parking spots on site

120 disabled parking spots on site

Truck/Bus Parking: On-Site

Rigging Grid

58,500 Capacity

1,500 Lb. maximum hanging dead load reaction from rigging beam to bar

Hoist W8x15 steel rigging beam w/4”wide flange +40’-2” from stage floor

Catwalk has one access point only at east end, via. ships ladder

Two (2) Public 5,000 lb. traction elevators 3’-11.5”W X 9’D X 9’H
Freight Elevator

Inside Dimensions: 6’-6”W X 4’-8D X 8’H

Weight Capacity: 2,500 lbs.

Electrical Power

Electrical closets located 50 feet adjacent to stage on east and west sides

• Total available show power capacity: 1,500 KVA (5,000 amps) at 208/120 volt, 3 phase, 4 wire via dedicated transformer substation, located at the event level electrical room

• Stage Right side: 800 amps (2 company switches/400 amps each) for various events. Company switch is an enclosed cabinet, specifically equipped for safe, reliable and quick portable power connections

• Total of 400 amps two switches. One located by Loading Docks 1 and 2 AV Truck Link 120/208V 304 wire

• Two (2) Shore Power locations available for touring buses. One (1) at loading Dock 2 and one (1) at an adjacent island in parking lot

Dressing Room

Two (2) Auxiliary Locker Rooms located outside of talent corridor

• Auxiliary Locker Room w/Showers #1: 240 sq. ft.

• Auxiliary Locker Room w/Showers #2: 240 sq. ft.

• Two (2) Star Dressing Rooms (toilet/shower facilities) Equipped with TV Monitors and telephone.

• Dressing Room #1: 124 sq. ft.

• Dressing Room #2: 135 sq. ft.

• Dressing Room #3: 265 sq. ft.

• Two (2) Dividable Production/Catering Rooms equipped with sinks, 2 phone Lines and 2 data lines: 640 sq. ft.

Production Office
640 sq. ft. Office located 50 ft. from rear of stage
Laundry Facility
239 sq. ft. Roadie Laundry, with industrial size washer and dryer, located outside talent corridor


ETC Net THEATRICAL LIGHTING [Lighting Plot and Inventory available upon request

ETC Expression console with ETC Net

Five (5) Elation Platinum Spot 5R

Two (2) spotlight locations on upper concourse level


95,000 watt 4-way EV X-Array Concert Sound system:

Two (2) (L/R) Line Array hangs of (7) EV X-Array, consisting of:

Four (4) EV XLVS

Two (2) EV XLVT

One (1) EV X-FIL

Five (5) EV XSUB

Front Fills:
Two (2) EV Xi-1082

Front Down Fill:
One (1) EV Xi-1122 MH64

House Side Fills:
Two (2) EV Xi-1152A

Delay Ring:
Thirteen (13) EV Xi-1153

Crown CTS Series

128 AVID Pro Tools channels

Front of House:

AVID VENUE PROFILE 80 INPUTS, 24 OUTPUTS 19,000 Watt Monitor System

Four (4) d&b audiotechnik M2 powered by Two (2) d&b audiotechnik D12 amps 

Eight (8) EAW SM159zi Floor Monitors

Eight (8) EAW SM129zi Floor Monitors

Broadcast Audio:
YAMAHA PM1D Digital Mixing Console

Various outboard processing: Avalon, Lexicon and dbx Digital Audio Recorder: iMac, Tracks Live 1.3 software M-Audio interface

DAKTRONICS Scoreboard/Controller, stage rigged
Video Production

Five (5) Sony D-50 Cameras

One (1) 40’ Triangle Jimmy Jib

360 Clips Systems 3 Channel playback

One (1) Digital Video Recorder: iMac, Blackmagic Ultra Studio 4K interface. Media Express Software, Final Cut Pro X

One (1) Graphics Generator: iMac, ProPresenter 6 software

One (1) GrassValley Kayak 3ME Switcher
Internet Streaming Encoder

DVC-Pro Record Decks, Pioneer PRV-LX1 DVD Record Decks

Television broadcasting interface through 4 fiber optic circuits to SBC distribution

Two (2) PT-RW930LWU DLP Projector 10,000L WXGA (HL/HR)

Two (2) Panasonic ET DLE085 11.8 mm – 14.6 mm Zoom Lens

Two (2) 20’ x 17 16:9 Screens (HL/HR)

One (1) QST 6MM 30’ x 19’ LED Video Wall (USC) 1536 X 864

Arena Management has an emergency evacuation plan
First Aid
First Aid Room located on Main Concourse at Gate 3
Ticket Office
Two (2) Ticket Office windows between Gate 2 and Gate 3 for advance ticket sales during event